Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Substitute for Mommy

A Substitute for Mommy

Taking the Swifer mop tool, I ran it across the kitchen floor, making pass after pass to clean the wooden parquet. Mommy was away for the afternoon and evening so she had tasked me with cleaning the house, as usual.

I was wearing an outfit she had picked out for me this morning, a frilly pink sissy dress with white lace and ruffles throughout, white knee-high schoolgirl socks, pink Mary Janes, and last but not least, my soft, thick, fluffy diapers with pink nursery print plastic panties covering them.

From time to time, I would step into Mommy's room or my nursery to admire my reflection in the full length mirror that both rooms had. As I finished my job in the kitchen, I went into the former to make her bed, pausing long enough to gaze at my prissy profile. I sighed with satisfaction at what I saw--the perfect picture of sissihood; slim, smooth, hairless legs, framed by my girly socks and babyish diapers and the flared out, ruffled hem of my uber short dress. My little cock throbbed with excitement deep inside the stubby small tube of my chastity device, locked there by Mommy months ago. She kept the key at work nowadays so I had long ago given up hope of ever finding it.

Running a hand across the shiny thick seat of my diapers, I was pleased with the look and feel--so cute and full, just like a baby's should be.

I was humming to myself and just bringing the covers up when I heard the front door suddenly open without warning. Totally taken by surprise, I stared in panic down the hallway, too frightened to move. A moment later, Mommy's big boyfriend Chris, stepped into view and I breathed a little easier. He was well known to me, a six foot four construction worker that had been dating Mommy for about six months. He was everything I wasn't--tall, muscular, and manly, a prime specimen of manhood.

Chris intimidated me completely, and not just because of his size and good looks. He also disciplined me when he felt the need and his punishing bare hand on my soft, tender bottom was enough to make me cry even without using Mommy's paddle. That said, there were times when he felt I needed the extra sting of hard wood and I was sore for days after a blistering spanking like that.

Coming back into the bedroom, he towered over me as he looked down on my insubstantial 5' 6" frame.

"Where's your Mommy?" He demanded in lieu of a greeting.

"She--she's at w-work, Daddy," I quivered, at a loss as to why he didn't know that. Although Chris was certainly physically everything a woman could ever hope for, he wasn't necessarily the sharpest pencil in the box.

"Damn it," he grumbled, "I have a need that can't wait."

Biting my lip, I looked around nervously, not sure how best to respond.

"On your knees, Sissy," he ordered me as his big hand pushed my shoulder down, forcing me to kneel before him.

Staring at the crotch of his dirty jeans just inches before my face, I saw the large, pronounced bulge of his cock within and I gulped anxiously. Surely, he didn't mean for me to take care of that, did he?

Unzipping his fly, he roughly grabbed his budding erection and pulled it out, positioning it front of my lips.

"Time to begin your cocksucker training, Sissy-boi," he said gruffly.

"Bu-but-I-I-" I stammered helplessly. I had never had a man's cock anywhere near my mouth--what was I to do now?

Not waiting for a coherent answer, he stuffed his big, thick cock past my lips and into my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head, he forced me to take his entire organ inside.

"MMMGRFFF!!!" I howled in panic even as my tongue was forced to savor the slightly salty, musky flavor now filling my mouth to capacity.

"Suck it sissy, or you'll be feeling the paddle in no time," he warned me.

Sufficiently terrified of that prospect, I immediately began licking and sucking as best I could, running my tongue across the large nerve below his head and moving his massive manhood in and out which swiftly began to grow larger.

I heard him exhale and I knew he was responding to my efforts. In moments, his cock had grown in both length and girth, to the point where I could no longer fit it all in. My cheeks bulged in an attempt to accommodate his monster tool and he eagerly pushed it into the back of my throat, choking me with it. I gagged and he pulled it out slightly but then he jammed it right back in again.

"Better get used to that sissy--because this is where you belong--on your knees, servicing a real man's cock while yours stays locked away inside your prissy diapers."

I slurped noisily, unable to reply as his slippery beast plunged in and out of my warm, wet mouth. My jaw was getting sore and from time to time, I tasted his creamy pre-cum as a little dribbled out of his firm, rigid head.

"Since you're incapable of satisfying a woman, you might as well make yourself useful, satisfying a man," he told me.

My cheeks blushed with shame at his degrading remarks.

Just when I was wondering how much longer I could stand it, he popped it out of my mouth and I looked up to see him smirking down at me.

"Okay Sissy, now it's time to pop that cherry of yours. Pull down your diapers and bend over the bed."

"No--pu-please Daddy," I begged him frantically.

Without answering me, he reached over to pick up the wooden Spencer paddle lying on the top of Mommy's dresser.

I gasped in shock but hurried to pull my pink plastic panties down, my legs shaking with fear and intimidation.

"Take them all the way off," he instructed me, "Cause you're going to be spreading those smooth sissy legs nice and wide for me."

I gulped nervously and began unpinning my diapers, which fortunately, weren't wet at the moment. When both sides were undone, he turned me around and pushed me over the top of Mommy's high, king sized bed. Grabbing a jar of Vasoline, Chris stuck a thick finger into it and then pushed it into my quivering hole, making me squeal like a little girl.

"Oh!" I cried in surprise.

He wasted no time coating his own mighty cock before flipping the frilly hem of my short baby dress up and over my back.

"Please--no--Daddy," I pleaded with him, "please don't!"

All of a sudden, I felt the stinging impact of his hard, rough hand on my bare bottom.

"OOOUCH!!" I wailed.


I cried out again and sobbed as my buns felt his powerful, painful swat a second time.

Completely ignoring my whimpering, he kicked my legs apart and grabbed my reddened cheeks, pulling them apart as he positioned the fat head of his big cock at my bashful, puckering hole. Using one hand to guide it, he began probing my anus, trying to get the right angle for his initial thrust.

I whined and fidgeted, desperately gripping the bedcover as he began pushing in earnest at my back door.

"No Daddy--nooo!"

Suddenly, he slid in past my sphincter and I knew my life as a sissy had changed irrevocably. I moaned loudly, feeling his huge cock start to fill me completely.

"AH-OW--OWWW!!" I cried, "You're hurting me!"

It felt like he was splitting me in two with a fat baseball bat.


He slapped the side of my ass hard and howled in pain.

Slowly, he began sliding that big beast in and out of me, gripping my soft hips and forcing me to take every inch of his hard meat inside my tight, tortured sissy hole. I felt so utterly helpless, his heavy weight bearing down upon me so that I couldn't escape.

"Take a look in the mirror, Sissy," he ordered me.

Turning my head, I could see my reflection in the mirror that covered the wall to my side. I looked like a frightened little girl, the short, puffy sleeves on the shoulders of my dress and the hem gathered in a mess on my back. Chris stood tall and lean, solidly gripping my slim hips as he plunged his gargantuan cock in and out of me.

"This is what all sissies need," he told me with that smirk on his face, "and soon, you'll be begging me to come fill your hole with my man juice."

"N-no..." I whimpered weakly but already, the initial pain had started to recede and was gradually being replaced by a new feeling, a wonderful sissy feeling of fullness. With every push he made deep into my rectum, I moaned helplessly, feeling like a cheap whore but unable to stop myself. I felt my own little cocklette struggling to escape the tiny, hard plastic tube it was trapped in, to try in futility to become erect but of course, that was impossible.

His thrusts were becoming more urgent now, and my head swam with delirium. His big, heavy balls slapped against my own insubstantial package, mocking me with their freedom. I wanted so badly to cum, but I couldn't get access to my wiener to even stroke it, nor could it grow beyond the inch and a half restriction of the chastity tube.

I moaned in response to his powerful thrusts but also out of frustration--I was so close to cumming but I just couldn't make it! Yet at the same time, I was being driven wild with arousal. His big, slippery cock felt so good, filling my back hole and I wanted release so badly, I moaned each time he bottomed out inside me.

At last, he gripped my hips like a vice and bellowed out as he pumped his warm, creamy sperm deep inside me. I felt it filling me up and lubricating his massive piston that was stretching me wide. He hammered me with sharp, urgent thrusts as he continued to fill me up with his seed.

I lay there gasping, frantic to have my own orgasm, but completely denied the possibility.

"Please Daddy--please. Will you unlock my chastity device, pretty please?" I begged him piteously.

"Nope," he said without sympathy, "Sissies don't deserve to cum. Only real men get to do that."

To my utter chagrin, he slowly pulled out and I felt my backhole achingly return to its original size.

"Put your diapers back on," he said without further ado.

Sniffling in frustration, I re-pinned the thick cloth sides and then stepped back into my discarded plastic panties. I pulled them up and over my Mary Janes, wishing like hell I could somehow release the implacable prison my penis was locked into. At the same time, I felt what seemed liked a pint of his warm, gooey cum, oozing out of my back hole, and becoming a wet spot in the seat of my diapers.

I felt so used and inferior to him.

"Hold your dress up," he commanded me.

Doing what I was told, he pulled my waterproof panties up my smooth legs and tugged them over my thick, bulky diapers while I held the hem of my dress up and out of the way. Still horny as hell, I stared anxiously at his long, stiff cock, guiltily wishing he would change his mind and put it back inside me.

As I fidgeted and rubbed the thick, cushiony front of my diapers, Chris adjusted his pants and then strode out of the room, walking towards the bathroom.

A minute later, I heard his voice calling out to me.

"Hey sissy-boi!" he beckoned, "come here."

Having no idea what he had in mind, I made my way to the bathroom to find him waiting for me, his zipper once again undone.

"Turn around and pull up your dress," he ordered without elaborating.

Perplexed, I did as I was told, lifting the white ruffled hem of my baby dress above the waistband of my plastic panties and exposing my padded bottom.

I felt his fingers on my lower back as he pulled my diaper and panties back about five or six inches. I heard him doing something behind me and then suddenly, got the shock of my life as I felt hot pee splattering in between my recently spanked cheeks. I gasped and blushed hot red as I realized he was using the back of my diapers as his own personal urinal. I wanted to drop my dress and run, but for some reason, I remained rooted to the spot. My deeply ingrained submissive nature refused to put up a fight!

He had a very strong flow and I could hear it pooling up in between my crack and the thick cloth of my diapers that he was pulling back with his free hand. The soft, absorbent cotton was soaking up the pee quickly and I could feel the warmth seeping in between my legs even as more pee rapidly built up in back. I shifted my feet and squirmed, sniffling in shame, as my face burned red with shame and humiliation.

Just when I thought he was finished, and his pee was tapering off, the stream started right back up with just as much force as before. I sobbed in frustration and balled my fists as more and more hot pee filled my diaper. The bulky section between my legs felt awash with warm urine and I could even feel it inside the tube of my chastity device and around my little, hairless balls. The fluid was saturating anywhere it could and I could feel it seeping into the sides around my hips.

At last he finished, and he unceremoniously let go of the back of my diaper, trapping the last bit of unsaturated pee inside.

Zipping up his fly, he looked down at me without sympathy.

"I'm going to text your Mommy and tell her you wet your diapers. If I find out you've told her differently, or if you aren't in these same wet diapers when she gets home, I'll paddle that sissy bottom of yours so you won't be able to sit down for a week," he warned me ominously.

My mouth dropped open at his brazen demands.

"Understand, sissy?"

"Y-yes, Sir," I quaked.

Turning me partly around, he swatted my fat, diapered bottom harshly, his hand landing with a dull thud on the soaking wet cloth containing within my snug plastic panties. My diaper clung to my buns stubbornly, embracing me with his warm pee all around me.

I watched wordlessly as he strode down the hall and walked out the front door, leaving me to contemplate my weak will and sissy personality.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Dominant Wife

The Dominant Wife

Unlike some women who enjoy humiliating their husbands by making them wear female attire, I decided to make mine wear diapers and plastic pants when he was at home. My husband seemed in so many ways to be like a big, whining baby, that diapers seemed like a logical progression for him. I found that it was an effective way of putting him in his place and making sure he understood what his role was in our relationship. He was required to wear diapers and baby clothes from the time he arrived at home until the time he left for work the following day. On weekends, I kept him in his baby clothes around the clock.

While this policy served the purpose of keeping him humiliated, I found it had an unintended negative effect. A year into our marriage, I discovered that my husband was using his comfy diapers to masturbate in. Not once a week, or even twice, but often one to two times a day! I made him confess all this to me during one of our weekend enema sessions in which I give him a thorough cleaning out.

I was both shocked and angry with this news and you can be sure his bottom paid the price for it that weekend. His buns felt the sting of my paddle on both days and I wasn’t satisfied until he was sobbing like a baby afterwards. Still, I knew that more drastic measures were required and it would have to be immediate. After talking with my friends about it (who know very well how I treat my husband) I arrived at the conclusion that my husband needed to be put into some sort of enforced chastity. Researching it on the web, I eventually decided on the CB-6000s and I placed an overnight order for one before the weekend was out.

The device arrived on Wednesday and when my husband came home, I told him to come into the bedroom before he changed into his usual diapers. It took a few minutes to determine the correct combination of spacers and rings but when I finally placed his limp penis into the plastic tube, I could tell that there would be no escape for him. With a resounding click, I snapped the lock shut and sat back to look at him with immense satisfaction.

“Timmy, your masturbating days are over,” I told him emphatically, “From now on, you’ll cum when I say and how I say.”

“Wh-when will that be?” he whimpered fearfully as he made several futile attempts to extract his small penis from the device.

“Because you’re a determined masturbator, your initial period of chastity will be three months. That will give your body the time it needs to become accustomed to doing without masturbating,” I said firmly, “After that, I’ll probably allow you one orgasm per month—but only under strictly controlled circumstances.”

His eyes were moist with tears as he contemplated his new life without being able to play with himself but he knew better than to argue with me—his bottom was still sore from his paddling over the weekend.

“Now go put on your diapers—I’ve got a list of chores for you to do,” I ordered him.

That day marked a turning point in our relationship. After three days of chastity, Timmy was climbing the walls with pent up sexual frustration. I just loved the fact that he was being denied and I had him use his excess energy by bringing me to multiple orgasms every night with his tongue.

Over the next several weeks, he begged and pleaded with me to let him out of his chastity cage—anything to get some relief but I remained adamant with him. Instead, I responded by wearing more provocative outfits around the house--skimpy, tight tops that revealed my big breasts and cleavage, and short skirts to show off my long legs. By the end of the first month, he was in tears from not being able to cum. Since it was his birthday, I decided to have mercy on him. Well, sort of. Taking him into our bedroom, I tied his hands to the front of our ottoman and then secured his ankles with a spreader bar. I left him alone, face down, while I went to get changed. When I returned, he had a look of excitement, mixed with fear. I was wearing a black lycra bustier and stockings but what really caught his eye was the eight inch long strap-on dildo jutting menacingly from my pelvis.

“Timmy, you’re going to take this like the big sissy I know you are,” I warned him as I began lubing up the fat dildo. He squirmed helplessly in his baby dress and diapers, unable to get away. I chuckled with amusement as I pulled down his plastic panties, unpinned his diapers and positioned myself behind him with the strap-on.

“Timmy, I hope you can handle this because this is the only sex you’ll be getting from now on.”

He squealed like a little girl as I eased the monstrous cock into his tight, virgin backside. I allowed him to gradually get used to the size of it before I began pumping him in earnest. As I humped his poor bottom aggressively, he whimpered and moaned, frustrated by the fact that his little penis was still securely locked in his CB-6000s, unable to get hard. With our roles so thoroughly reversed, I found myself reveling in my new found power. Gripping his hips tightly with my hands, I plunged the fat dildo into his ass, slamming him repeatedly up against the ottoman as he begged for relief. I only laughed and slapped his cheeks as I pummeled the poor sissy with my strap-on. Finally, after about a half hour, I pulled it out and I could see he was crying softly from his abuse. Turning him over, I showed him that he had actually managed to leak a fair amount of pre-cum through his chastity device even though he’d been unable to get an erection or feel any sort of orgasm throughout the session.

“That was your first milking,” I informed him, “That should last you for another two weeks.”

Truth be told, he was once again frantically horny not 24 hours later and after three days, he was practically begging me to take him again with the strap-on. I love to tease Timmy so I put it on a week later and told him to practice giving me head ‘to get my cock ready’. He was only too happy to oblige and he got on his knees and sucked feverishly on the rubber phallus, hoping to impress me with his enthusiasm. I let him suck on it for about ten minutes before I abruptly pulled it out of his mouth.

“Nope. Not tonight Sissy,” I told him as I popped the dildo out, “However, the sight of you sucking a cock has made me horny.”

I quickly stepped out of the strap-on and presented my pussy before his face.

“You know what to do—start licking!”

He sobbed tears of frustration as he spent the next two hours bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. I eventually laid back on the bed and wrapped my legs around his face as he gave me the satisfaction I wanted and craved.

Thus began an irregular pattern of milking for my horny husband. When the mood struck me, usually once every two weeks, I’d bend him over and hump his ass with my strap-on as he squirmed to try and get relief. He wouldn’t actually cum during the process, but he managed to leak quite a bit of semen into his diaper which at least reduced some of the pressure on his poor, swollen balls.

Finally, after three months, it was time to grant him his one and only orgasm. I invited a couple of my girlfriends over and made sure Timmy was dressed in a particularly babyish dress. After unlocking his captive penis from the CB-6000s, I made him masturbate in front of us, rubbing the front of his diapers like some horny toddler. He came alright, but the shame was almost more than he could bear. I’m not sure if it was the taunts from my girlfriends or the fact that his penis was getting locked back up for another month that made Timmy cry like a baby.

For most of the next year, I kept Timmy on a daily regime of eating my pussy every night, while I kept his orgasms down to once a month or even less, if he had been disobedient. However, as time went by, I was yearning for a real man and the feel of a real cock inside me again. Timmy had always been a tremendous disappointment in that department which was a big reason why I began dominating him in the first place. I soon began to realize that I needed to date a real man.

My girlfriends were pushing me to go out with one of the trainers at our gym, a hunky guy by the name of Frank. Frank was everything that Timmy wasn’t. Handsome, self-assured, built like a linebacker and definitely well hung. When I told Timmy I was going to go out on a date with him, he flipped out and threw a tantrum. It wasn’t long however, before he found himself over my lap with his diapers pulled down, getting a blistering spanking as I explained how things were going to be.

The first date went well but on the second date, I wanted to rub Timmy’s face in the fact that I’d be going out while he stayed home in his diapers, facing another long, horny night of frustration. I pinned him to the ground on his back and then lowered my pussy over his face, smothering him as I explained what I was going to be doing with Frank. He cried like a baby but he nonetheless succeeded in bringing me to two orgasms with his tongue. Afterwards, I made him pick out my outfit for the night, promising him another trip over my lap if it wasn’t sexy enough. That night, I wore a super short mini-skirt, the lowest cut top I that own, and five inch high heels. For sure, I would be turning some heads tonight! Poor Timmy pouted like a four year old at the thought of another man ravishing me in that outfit.

When Frank showed up at the door, I made Timmy answer it, dressed in his usual baby outfit. Frank laughed and laughed, and then pushed him aside to come over and hug me. As Frank’s hands roamed freely over my body, I winked at Timmy—he was burning with jealousy!

That night, Frank made love to me like I’d never been made love to in my life. For once, I knew what it was like to really be satisfied. What a magnificent cock he had! I felt like he was going to split me in two when he first put it in!

It was on the third date that I felt I needed to take things up a notch. This time, when Frank came to pick me up, I told Timmy he was going to have to suck my lover’s cock to show that he had no hard feelings about me getting satisfied by another man. Of course, he did have hard feelings but I didn’t care about that.

Timmy was dead set against sucking another man’s cock since he’s not gay, but he was also coming up on his once-a-month time for relief. I told him that in addition to a blistering paddling that he was looking at, that I’d extend his chastity for another two months if he didn’t comply. Timmy had been beside himself, desperate for relief, so he knew he was between a rock and a hard place. He hemmed and hawed, but eventually, he reluctantly agreed to do it.

I called Frank so he’d know what to expect and when he showed up, he dropped his pants once the door was closed behind him. Timmy licked his lips nervously as he knelt down before him but he was afraid to take that first step. Finally, Frank stepped forward and shoved his big, hard cock between Timmy’s lips, practically raping his mouth while he held his head in place. Timmy began crying and squirming and he squealed like a little girl when Frank finally blasted his load down his throat. Timmy gagged but with his head held captive, he had to swallow load after load of warm, sticky semen.

That was Timmy’s first experience at cocksucking but it definitely wouldn’t be the last. From then on, I made him suck off every man I dated, and he became quite skilled in his technique. Oh, how he hated having to do such a shameful thing, but he didn’t have the willpower to say no.

On Timmy’s birthday, I promised him a big surprise. I sat him down and blindfolded him, after which I removed his diapers. While he fidgeted with nervous excitement about his surprise, I mixed up some 5 minute epoxy in the kitchen. Coming back over, I dabbed it into the keyhole of the lock on his CB-6000s. I couldn’t stop giggling as I blew on it to make it harden, the irony adding to my amusement. As soon as the epoxy hardened, Timmy would never be able to get his own penis to harden, ever again! In just a few minutes, the glue was safe to touch and I removed Timmy’s blindfold.

“Happy birthday, Timmy!” I said as I hugged him closely.

He blinked and looked around, trying to understand what his surprise was until he gazed down at his CB-6000s.

“I-I don’t get it,” he said uncertainly, the smile still lingering on is face, “What’s my surprise?”
“I’ve put epoxy in your CB’s lock,” I said as I beamed down at him, “Now it’ll never come off again!”

“Wha-what??” he asked dumbfounded.

“That’s right Sissy—your chastity is permanent now! No more orgasms for you!”

As he grasped the lock and realized the implications of what I was saying, he burst into tears and began sobbing uncontrollably.

“I know just the thing to help you accept your new situation,” I told him as I stood up to get the paddle.

He submissively allowed me to take him over my lap where I proceeded to blister his bottom and erase any doubts he might have as to who was in charge.

A Sissy Tastes His First Cock

Jimmy was a shy individual. And while he would heatedly deny it, most people considered him to a be nothing but a big sissy. With his long brown hair, he was sometimes called 'miss' in stores and he tended to have a rather girlish figure as well. He was by nature, a weak-willed individual and was easily pushed around, even by both sexes.

Having been raised by his domineering aunt, he thought of himself as definately hetrosexual. And to be sure, he found the busty cheerleaders at his school to be very sexy and appealing, even if they didn't know he existed.

But deep down, deep down in his heart of hearts, Jimmy harbored a secret desire, one that he could barely admit even to himself.

Once in the locker room at his school, he'd caught sight of one of the jocks while he was changing out his sweats. Jimmy had marveled at the massive cock the guy had, so different from his own, tiny little pecker. It stirred something inside him and for the rest of the day, he found himself daydreaming of that cock, it's thick, manly width and the big bulbous head. He imagined what it would be like to have a pole of that size, like a baseball bat almost! He even wondered what it would be like to suck it.

Jimmy blushed as he thought about it and tried to change the color in his cheeks as his schoolmates looked at him in curiousity. But he was secretly facinated to think of what it woud be like to be on his knees, bowing before such a magnificent cock as that, and what it would be like to take it in his mouth. Jimmy's own miniscule willie stiffened as he thought about it and he was glad he was sitting down so no one would be aware of his forbidden, dirty fantasy.

A year later, Jimmy's secret fantasy hadn't abated--if anything, it had only gotten stronger. But since he had no way of knowing how to go about meeting a man like the one he'd seen that day in the locker room, he picked up an adult newspaper that had personal advertisements for various things. In one ad, he read about a woman who was looking for someone (preferably a guy) to give her husband a blowjob. Evidently, she was concerned about having another woman do it and found a male to be less threatening. In any event, it was with trembling hands that JImmy finally made the call and contacted the woman.

The woman identified herself as Brenda and Jimmy was immediately intimidated by her strong, forceful personality. She sounded older than him and it was all he could do to keep from wetting himself as she told him when and what he was to do. Instinctinvely, he felt a fear of this confident, superior-willed woman and he changed his mind a half dozen times before at last making his way to her house. On a whim, he'd worn his prettiest pair of pink panties but now as he stood in front of her house, he regretted taking the risk and being "found out" by her.

After hemming and hawing for ten minutes, he was about to turn around and leave when the front door opened and a striking brunette woman came out.

"Jimmy?" she called out, "Is that you?"

Jimmy's knees shook and he swallowed hard.

"Uh-huh," he replied weakly.

"Come along then," she practically ordered him, "My husband's waiting inside."

Jimmy gulped and stumbled his way up the steps of her entry and he stopped at the top where she looked him over appraisingly.

"How old are you, anyway?" she asked suspiciously.

"I-I'm eighteen," he croaked nervously.

He tried not to stare at her big breasts but she caught him in the act anyway.

"Stare all you want, Little Boy, but what you'll be getting is a nice big cock in your mouth to suck," she said with smug confidence.

Jimmy swallowed nervously and blushed a hot, beet red. He was not accustomed to be spoken to so bluntly, and especially not by such a pretty woman. It was all the more humiliating that she seemed to regard him as a limp-wrist sissy right off the bat and his presence here did nothing to dispel that image.

Not knowing what to say, he fidgeted anxiously until she opened the front door and led him inside.

It was a very nice house she lived in but it all passed Jimmy in a blur.

What was he doing here? Was he really going to go down on some strange man? He'd never even kissed a girl before and now he was strolling boldly into some woman's bedroom to slurp on her husband's cock. Jimmy's knees went weak and he suddenly didn't have the nerve to go any further.

"I-I-I can't d-do it," he abruptly blurted out.

"What?" Brenda said incredulously.

"This was all a-a big mistake," he bleated out, his face bright red again. His heart was thumping a million miles an hour!

"Oh no you don't," she said firmly, "You've come over to suck a cock and that's exactly what you're going to do," she told him in no uncertain terms.

Before he could stutter out another reply, Brenda snatched up a wooden Spencer paddle and stared at him with a look of steel.

"You're going to go back in that bedroom, or I'll pull you over my lap right now and blister your sissy bottom--Got it?" she said evenly.

Jimmy stared in shock at her before slowly nodding his head submissively.

"That's 'yes ma'am'," she insisted and before he knew what had happened, she'd grabbed his wrist, swung him around and swatted him fiercely on his bottom with the paddle.

"OWW!!" he cried, and to his shame, he felt his eyes welling with tears.

He had no idea she was going to be so strict!! His face burned at his open display of weakness and he sniffed to try and hide his tears.

"Y-yes Ma'am," he blurted out.

"That's better."

Taking his hand, she pulled him into the bedroom where Jimmy got the first look at her husband. He stood over six feet with big broad shoulders and square, manly chin. Jimmy felt instantly intimidated (as if he wasn't already) and his mouth went dry.

"Here's the little pantywaist I told you about," she said in her impetuous tone, "He's ready to service you like a good little boy."

Brenda's husband was wearing only a towel and as he let it fall, Jimmy gaped in amazement and wonder at his massive erection. It was a picture of manly pride, thick and long, curving slightly upwards like a samurai sword.

"Have you ever sucked a cock?" he said huskily.

Jimmy was too frightened to speak and he could only shake his head nervously.

"Well then, this will be extra special for you," he said with a hearty chuckle.

Brenda put her hands on Jimmy's shoulders and pushed him down onto his knees.

"Time to find out what a cock tastes like, Jimmy," she said in her smug tone.

Jimmy licked his lips as he wondered what he'd gotten himself into.

Seeing the hestitancy on his face, Brenda's husband took the inititive and without warning, shoved his mammoth pole into Jimmy's mouth.

"MMRFFGGHHH!!" Jimmy squealed, and both Brenda and her husband laughed boisterously.

Her hunky husband thrust his big cock deep into Jimmy's mouth, gagging the poor sissy until Jimmy placed his hand up to try and steady himself.

Although he knew he liked girls, he couldn't deny the hard-on he was getting as he started to slurp on this man's magnificent member. It filled every inch of his mouth and tasted wonderful to him. He tried his best to use his tongue and the man's moaning soon told him he was doing a good job.

Suddenly, Jimmy heard a click, and as he looked out of the corner of his eye, he saw Brenda snapping pictures of him with a digital camera. With a smirk on her pretty face, she took shot after shot of Jimmy with his mouth full of cock, slobbering and slurping like a cheap whore.

He heard her giggling and he regretted his inability to stand up for himself but it was too late now.

A moment later, the man grabbed Jimmy's head and plunged his mighty cock deep into his mouth. Holding it there, he blew his first load of cum down Jimmy's throat as he roared in ecxtasy. The latter squealed like a girl as he was forced to swallow the warm sticky load that was threatening to drown him. After discharging his first ejaculation, the man pulled his cock out slightly and filled Jimmy's mouth with a second helping of warm, creamy semen.

Waving his hands in the air in protest, Jimmy squealed again, his eyes as big as saucers.

The man was still moaning but he wouldn't let go of Jimmy's head. The hapless sissy was forced to swallow a second, then a third load before the man at last withdrew his giant battering ram.

Jimmy was gasping and trying to get his breath as he sat back on his heels, still in shock. Sticky white cum was dribbling down his chin and without thinking, he ran his tongue across his lower lip, unintentionally getting one last taste of the salty fluid.

Without a word, Brenda pushed him down on his back and began undoing his pants, as if she were going to return the favor to him. Misunderstanding her motives, Jimmy sat back and did nothing to stop her, until he realized she was about to discover his pink panties.

"No!" he shouted suddenly but she merely ignored him and yanked his pants down.

Jimmy blushed hot red as his prissy lace panties came into view but Brenda just shook her head as if she'd suspected as much all along.

With a harsh yank, the panties also came down and Jimmy's tiny little wiener was exposed before both of them.

"No! Stop!" he pleaded, but before he could put too much fight into it, Brenda began rubbing some lubricant onto his genitals, although her manner was none too gentle. Jimmy relaxed a bit, thinking for sure she'd finally give him some relief after all he'd been through. However, to his surprise, she began working a strange silicone device over his sack.

"Wha-what's that?" he asked curiously.

"You'll see," was all she would tell him.

In a second, she fed his half hardening penis into the tube end of the strange contraption and she joined a loop around the back of his entire package. All too soon, Jimmy realized belatedly that his wiener was being trapped in some sort of device and he began fidgeting again.

"He-hey--wait! Stop that!" he protested but she ignored him as if he didn't even exist. With one hand grasping his small genitalia, she took a small lock and slipped it through the head of the pin at the front of the chastity device. With a sharp click, the lock was firmly closed and she sat back, a look of immense satisfaction on her pretty face.

"There, That's where your little sissy penis belongs--locked away where you can't play with it," she told him in her no-nonsense tone of voice.

Jimmy quaked in fear as he stared dowwn at his captive willie, the head securely contained in a restrictive silicone sheath.

"You--you can't do that!" he stammered frightenedly.

"I just did," she said with a smug look of victory, "And you'll be over, every other day from now on, to suck my husband's cock and swallow his cum. If you don't, you'll never see the key to that lock ever again."

Jimmy swallowed hard, the slick taste of semen still coating the inside of his mouth.

Like it or not, he was going to become an expert cocksucker for this strict woman.





A Sissy Learns His Lesson

A Sissy Learns His Lesson

“Come on, Bobby,” Julie chided me from the doorway of my nursery, “Its time to get you ready for bed.”

Daylight was still streaming through the windows as I pouted in silence and trudged reluctantly down the hall to where she stood, arms crossed over her sexy, ample chest. Julie had been hired by my ‘mommy’ to serve as my babysitter, during those frequent times when she had better things to do, rather than watching over me. Julie was a young girl, just out of High School, where she had been the cheerleading coach for three years. With a trim, athletic body and gorgeous face, at five years my junior, it was extremely embarrassing to have her ordering me around. But then I suppose that’s why Heather, my ‘mommy’ had picked her for the job. And I knew better than to question her authority as Heather had given her full permission to discipline me as she saw fit, a fact she used quite often to her advantage.

As I walked past her, she reached down and slapped the thick, plastic covered seat of my diapers, just to emphasize her point. Today I was wearing a short diaper shirt (the one that said ‘I love my diapers’ on it), my pink Keds sneakers, and my usual diapers and plastic panties, exposed as always.

My bottom was still burning inside the thick folds of my cloth diapers and the vinyl waterproof panties that snugly encased them conspired to retain the heat of my most recent spanking. It had happened earlier when I had protested my ‘mommy’ going out on a date tonight while I, on the other hand, was being made to go to bed early. Normally, I was allowed to stay up until 8:00 pm but today, I was being sent to bed at 7:15. Julie had been called over to help my mommy get me ready since she needed to prepare for her date and she didn’t want me pestering her.

With my lower lip pushed out in stubborn defiance, I waddled past Julie and, still sulking, plopped myself down on the changing table, a low, vinyl covered table where all my diaper changes took place.

“Come on, Sissy,” she told me impatiently, “We don’t have all night.”

I said nothing as she began peeling my clinging plastic panties off of my diaper and down my legs, snaking them off of my feet and setting them aside. My diapers were wet, not soaking wet, but wet enough that I was grateful for the change, especially since it would be a long time before morning. And the added moisture had made my mommy’s spanking sting all the more when she had enthusiastically applied her oak paddle to my damp, tender bottom. As Julie peeled the heavy wet cloth away from me, she saw the deep red color of my cheeks and she tried to suppress a giggle.

“Look’s like someone got his little bottom spanked,” she remarked with a smirk.

I looked away in humiliated silence, knowing there was nothing I could say to reduce my indignity.

“Well don’t you worry, Little Sissy,” she told me as she began rubbing cool diaper rash crème against my stinging buns, “I’ll make sure you get lots of this tonight.”

True to her word, she smeared a big handful of the sticky stuff across my punished bottom, rubbing it all over with her lovely, manicured hands.

With the long nail of her index finger, she flicked my CB6000S chastity device with my tiny penis imprisoned inside it, and looked down on me with a smile.

“This was the best idea your mommy ever came up with—locking this tiny thing away, so you wouldn’t be able to play with it anymore. Sissies like you need to be kept under strict chastity,” she told me in no uncertain terms.

“How long has it been since she’s allowed you to cum?” Julie asked me as she gently squeezed my swollen balls.

I blushed and looked away.

“Six weeks,” I mumbled sadly.

Julie chuckled as she wiped my crotch area with a baby wipe.

“That’s right…wasn’t it at your birthday party?” she inquired.

I nodded my head, reliving the devastating humiliation all over again in my mind. My mommy had made me masturbate in my diapers in front of several of her girlfriends with my rumba panties pulled down around my ankles. They had laughed and teased me mercilessly, much to my chagrin, although in the end, I had nonetheless succeeded in splashing my insubstantial load into the soft, comforting folds of my diapers.

Julie was eyeing the ruby red color of my buns and she shook her pretty head at me.

“Looks like your mommy’s settled who’s boss in this house again, hasn’t she?” she said with another superior smirk.

I nodded my head in humiliated silence as she raised me by my ankles and tucked a thick stack of fresh diapers under my sticky rump, positioning them evenly underneath me.

“She wears the pants and you…wear the plastic panties,” she chuckled to herself as she pulled the thick sides up snugly to pin them. I bit my lip and looked away as she pushed a big, pink headed safety pin through the soft cotton and secured one side, then the other.

Pulling open the drawer next to the changing table, she began sifting through the various waterproof panties to find something for me to wear.

“Let’s see, what shall we pick out for a diaper-wetting sissy who’ll be spending another long night in his crib...?” she asked herself.

“Here we go,” she said brightly, “How about these?”

She held up a pink pair of nursery print plastic panties with white lace sewn around the leg and waist holes. They were very babyish and designed for no other reason than to humiliate me.

Gathering them in her hands, she worked my feet through them and began snaking them up my skinny, hairless legs.

“These are perfect for mommy’s little bedwetter,” she assured me in her condescending tone as she worked them over the spongy soft bulk of my diapers, “and they should keep your crib mattress dry--all night long.”

Running her long nails around the elastic waistband of the panties, she worked them around until they completely sealed the bulging cloth.

I hated having to wear these embarrassing diapers but it was just one of the many indignities I had to suffer.

“There,” she said as she removed my diaper shirt, “Now we just need a nightey and then you’ll be all set.”

Standing up, she went over to the closet where she sifted through my extensive wardrobe of dresses and baby wear until she found a pink gingham nightey with a super short hem. Bringing it over, she dropped it over my head and I dutifully raised my arms to assist her.

“Go brush your teeth now and then you can say goodnight to your mommy,” she told me.

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied submissively.

Waddling into the bathroom, I gazed at the toilet that was forever forbidden to me and sighed. Soon, I would be in my crib, sleeping on a waterproof vinyl sheet, my teddy bear clutched in my arms. Somewhere during the course of the night, I’d wet myself heavily several times, as usual.

After taking care of my scant business in the bathroom, I went back to the nursery where Julie was still waiting.

I would have liked to take a pee in there but the only peeing I would be doing tonight would be into my thick, thirsty diapers.

“All done?” she inquired in her businesslike manner.

“Yes Ma’am,” I responded.

“Okay, come along then,” she said as she reached down and took my hand. Leading me like a child, she took me down the hall to where my mommy was waiting. Actually, ‘mommy’ is a misnomer since in reality it was my wife, Heather, although she was my spouse in name only. She was sitting down on the couch, talking to someone on her cell phone and completely ignoring me as Julie walked up with me in tow. I waited patiently until she was finished and then she snapped the phone shut, dropping it into her purse.

“All ready for bed?” she asked in her curt, haughty tone. It was quite obvious who made the rules here and who had won our most recent argument. She had a habit of settling disagreements between us by taking me over her lap and blistering my bottom with her paddle. My fanny was still throbbing and sore as I stood before her, broken in spirit once again.

“Yes, Mommy,” I replied meekly.

Heather was dressed in one of her sexiest outfits for her date. A short, snug mini-skirt and very high heels, with a matching halter top that clung deliciously to her big, round, swelling breasts. I stared at them longingly, wishing once again that she’d let me touch them, as she had done when we first started seeing each other. But that was years ago now and our relationship was night and day from how it had been when we were dating. Now, she held all the cards and she lorded her authority over me relentlessly. Still, my tiny little member was pushing with all its might against the clear plastic cage in which it was held captive. The sight of her in all her sexy finery made me delirious with lust but my wiener was prevented from even getting hard. I shifted uncomfortably, unable to provide any relief for my aching, deprived penis.

Turning me around, she lifted up the back of my short nightey to look at my fat bubble-butt, caused by the thick diapers I was wearing. Despite their thickness, we both knew they’d be soaked by morning.

“Tonight, you’re going to bed with a very sore bottom, aren’t you Sissy?” she stated emphatically.

“Yes, Mommy,” I mumbled.

“Maybe that’ll teach you a lesson, next time you start sassing me,” she continued.

“Yes, Mommy,” I replied submissively.

I still hated it when she humiliated me in front of others, even though Julie had been babysitting me for the past year and a half.

“I’m going to continue dating real men, whether you like it or not, Bobby,” she said in her hard tone of voice, challenging me to oppose her. I knew she was daring me to argue with her, so she could show Julie just how cowed I had become but I didn’t dare talk back to her. My cheeks buzzed with shameful humiliation and I hated how weak I was acting.

“Yes, Mommy,” I answered, acknowledging her complete superiority.

She stared at me with her hard, unrelenting gaze until I was forced to look away from our unequal battle of wills.

“Come along, Sissy,” Julie said as she took my hand, “Its beddie-bye time for you.”

I sniffled in defeat and as I turned to go, the doorbell rang, signaling Mommy’s date had arrived. I trudged after Julie, afraid to face my wife’s date who, in all likelihood, would be ravishing her in the bedroom, later tonight. At the same time, I’d be lying in my crib, wearing another wet diaper, and unable to satiate my own ever present horniness because of the cursed CB6000S I was wearing. God, how I hated that thing! Heather had made me wear it, ever since she caught me masturbating two years ago. Of course, I was masturbating because she had cut me off from sex but that made little difference to her. It was her considered opinion that sissies didn’t deserve orgasms and she was going to make sure I wasn’t able to achieve one on my own. The CB6000S made quite sure that I couldn’t. Constructed from an ingenious and diabolical design, the CB6000S couldn’t be removed once locked and its restrictive shape prevented the male from being able to become erect. Heather kept the key locked away and sometimes I was forced to go months without any kind of relief. And being bossed around by two fabulously sexy females didn’t help my situation either.

Heather led me back to the nursery, holding my hand again like I was a child. Behind me, I could hear the door opening and my mommy greeting her boyfriend both enthusiastically and amorously. At the same time, I felt my temperature rising in a sudden unexpected surge of anger. It was so frustrating! I had made her my wife and then she had turned the tables on me, turning me into her helpless sissy baby, making me sleep in another room, and denying me any means of satisfaction. The unfairness of it all burned inside me like a smoldering flame.

I stomped my feet in anger, balling my fists as I felt my face flushing with rage.

“What’s the matter, Sissykins?” Julie asked sweetly, “Do you want your baby bottle?”

“No!” I spat back viciously.

Pushing her rudely aside, I stormed out of the room, filled with angry determination. There was no way I was going to stand another minute of this insanity!

I found Heather--my wife, locked in a torrid embrace with some guy I’d never seen before. He was easily over six foot, and probably two hundred and fifty pounds of bulk and muscle. With my skinny and frail physique, he looked like he could squash me like a fly.

Still, I was consumed with a jealous rage that I couldn’t control and I stomped into the room, yelling at the two who were oblivious of me. No doubt, Heather was confident that I had been put to bed and was out of her hair for the night.

I knew I must look completely ridiculous before this man. Here I was, my pigtails tied up with two sassy pink bows, wearing a short, pink, little girl’s nightey, and my thick, bulging diapers and shiny plastic panties there for all to see. I was a picture of sissy-toddler fury. Both of them stood quite a bit taller than I and I felt like I was forcing a confrontation with my parents.

Stop it!!” I shouted hysterically in my high pitched voice.

Heather broke her kiss for a moment as she looked down at me (in her heels, she’s a good foot taller than I), with both shock and surprise. However, she recovered instantly, just as Julie was running out into the living room from the nursery.

“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed apologetically, “He just ran out before I could catch him.”

Heather regarded me coldly before delivering a sound slap to my cheek that actually had me seeing stars.

“OOUCHH!!!” I cried, and her unexpected response threw me off guard. I rubbed my stinging cheek and looked up at her with a wounded expression of hurt.

“Looks like someone needs to get his bottom re-warmed,” she growled menacingly.

Before I could respond, she strode over to the table where she’d left the wooden paddle from before and scooped it up, clutching it tightly in her slim hand. My heart skipped a beat and I felt an icy knot of fear turning within my stomach. For a brief moment, I considered my options and I actually gave some thought to resisting her physically. However, my knees grew weak and as I saw the angry fire burning in her eyes, my fragile will crumbled. Filled with trepidation, I felt again like a helpless child in her stern presence and I trembled uncertainly.

Heather reached over and snatched my wrist in her iron-like grip, taking advantage of my surprise as she hauled me towards her.

I squealed with fear and lurched forward off balance as she took a seat in the only straight-backed chair in the room. Her boyfriend chuckled in amusement as he saw this hot, very sexy woman taking complete control over her errant husband to mete out the discipline he had just earned.

Taking hold of the elastic waistband of my plastic panties, Heather angrily tugged them down my legs with short, jerky motions. I cried out in protest, shaking my head frantically and stomping my feet as my plastic panties went past my knees. I watched helplessly as her big breasts jiggled within the tight, shiny fabric of her low cut top and I was momentarily mesmerized by their fabulous shape. It seemed that the closest I ever got to them these days, was whenever she took my diapers down to give me a spanking.

I could see she was quite upset with me and I gulped with fear in anticipation of the consequences of standing up to her.

“No…please!” I pleaded weakly with her.

She completely ignored me and after pulling my clinging plastic panties down around my ankles, she yanked me over her smooth, toned lap. Needless to say, Heather is blessed with long, firm legs and when she wears a mini-skirt like she had on tonight, the effect was breathtaking. However, I knew she hadn’t dressed like this for me and soon the biting sting of her paddle would be distracting me from her fantastic body.

I gasped with fear as I fell forward, only just managing to stop my fall with my hands outstretched. My gaze fell upon the glossy, five inch high-heel sandals she had on as I felt her impatiently removing the pins from either side of my thick cloth diapers.

“No! No! Please!” I wailed piteously and I reached back to try and stop her. I was so mortified to be punished like this in front of not only Julie, but her boyfriend as well!

Heather responded quickly by grabbing a hold of my flailing wrist and twisting it painfully behind my back, forcing me back down again to the floor against my will.

“OUCHH!” I wailed, “You’re hurting me!”

“That’s nothing like you’re about to feel!” she snapped.

I struggled helplessly, perched over her lap, but with the extra height of her high heels, I found myself losing my balance as my torso crept forward. With my diaper pulled back between my legs, my red, tender bottom was facing up, fully exposed and defenseless to her intentions. Glancing up, I saw Julie smiling down on me with satisfaction as she crossed her slim arms over her perky chest.

I squirmed and made weak protests but they were abruptly cut off by the first searing slap of the paddle. Wielding it like a fierce weapon, Heather swatted me again, right in the center of my already punished cheeks. Two fresh new red oval marks formed over the previously crimson surface, re-igniting the inferno that had only been lying dormant.

I howled in pain, kicking my feet wildly as if that would somehow alleviate the scalding fire being applied to my sensitive bottom. Bursting immediately into tears, I began sobbing like a baby as she continued to slap my poor fanny with her hard, unforgiving paddle.


I wailed out at the top of my lungs as she applied her paddle to every square inch of my soft, cherry-red bottom. My eyes were filled with tears but I could still see that her hunky boyfriend was fondling a growing hard-on through his pants. It was bad enough that I was being punished in front of him but it was even worse that he was getting turned on by it!

I was completely defeated and all resistance was gone. I lay there, bawling childishly, as she kept up an even rhythm, slapping each flaming cheek harshly to teach me a lesson I’d never forget.

Finally, the blistering spanking was over and I lay over her lap, the tears streaming down my face in wet profusion. I tried to get up, only to feel strong, rough male hands pulling me up and off Heather’s lap. I had no idea what was going on but neither was I in a position to argue. Still crying loudly, I was made to bend over the table with my diaper serving as a cushion while I felt Heather’s boyfriend brusquely forcing my legs apart.

“Its time you learned your proper place around here,” he said in a husky voice.

“Wha-what are-are you d-doing?” I stammered fearfully between sobs. For a moment, I thought he might use his belt on my blazing bottom.

Without responding he reached into the pocket of his jacket that was hanging over a chair and produced a tube of KY jelly.

I didn’t like where this was headed at all and I tried to stand up straight but the guy simply pushed me back down, leaving my stinging, throbbing bottom sticking out and vulnerable. He positioned the tube right at my anus and squeezed nearly all its contents into my rectum.

“No…please…please don’t,” I begged of him between ragged sobs.

He chuckled throatily and undid the buckle in his pants, causing them to drop like a curtain. To my horror, I saw that his boxers were tented in front by a massive erection and I gulped in real fear now.

Although I had had a pretty limited sex life up to this point, I had never once considered doing anything with a man and now I was being forced to submit willingly. This man intended to take me from behind and there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing at all!

Grasping my burning, crimson cheeks in his hand, he spread them apart as he positioned the fat head of his cock at my puckering hole. I thought there was no way that huge thing was going to fit inside me but I hadn’t contended with this man’s stubborn determination. With several hard pushes, he tried forcing the big blunt end inside me and I slapped the table in angst-filled protest. I begged him no but he only laughed and renewed his battle against my vulnerable sphincter.

“Nooo!! Nooo!!” I cried, but it was too late.

All of a sudden, the man’s gigantic member slid past my defeated hole, plunging deeper and deeper into my virgin passage. My eyes crossed and I squealed loudly, sounding more like a little girl than a grown man.

I was utterly ashamed as I clutched the side of the table, trying to brace myself while he patiently grew used to the tight embrace of my back passage. My face and chest were a bright shade of shameful red as he slowly slid it in as far as it would go. Bottoming out, he held his monster deep inside me, making me squirm in discomfort. It felt like he was splitting me in two and I squealed again, trying to escape, but he easily held me in place, grinding his hips against mine as he forced me to take every millimeter of his big, fat cock.

Across the table, Heather and Julie smiled at me in wicked agreement. Whatever humiliation I had felt in losing to her earlier was paled by this experience. To have a hard, thick cock buried all the way inside me made me feel completely emasculated and humbled.

My hole ached from being stretched so wide and in an effort to relieve the pain, I tried to spread my legs wider to accommodate him but it did little good.

I moaned again as he pulled his hard, slippery cock out, only to shove it back in—even harder this time.

“Now you know who’s boss around here—don’t you Sissy-boy,” he stated breathlessly.

“Ye-yes—OOOHH!!!—yes Sir,” I replied between moans.

I could feel his heavy weight against me and it was equally obvious I could do nothing whatsoever about it.

I could see Heather reaching into her purse for her digital camera, and she pointed it at me, taking several humiliating shots just as her boyfriend stuffed his massive, rigid cock deep inside me again.

“I want to make sure we capture this moment for all of posterity,” she giggled, “I’m going to frame it and hang it up on the wall in your nursery, Bobby, so you’ll always remember what it was like when your virginity was taken.”

I moaned weakly, helpless to stop this brute from sodomizing me. After stretching me out and getting used to my snug passage, he began a long, degrading rhythm, in and out, going deep inside with every thrust. I lay there submissively, feeling every meaty inch of his monster cock as it plunged in, until it bottomed out, making me respond with my feminine sounding moans.

“You’ve needed this for a long time, Bobby,” Heather smugly assured me, as she looked down at me with her hands on her curvy hips, “And you’d better get used to it, because it’s the only kind of sex you’ll be getting from now on.”

Tears of frustrated humiliation trickled down my cheeks as I looked up to her pretty face to behold her superior look of confident satisfaction.

“No…no…” I begged her weakly as I panted from the enthusiastic humping I was receiving, “no…OHHH!!”

Another hard thrust pushed me against the table as he buried his ramrod to the hilt, deep inside me.

“And I think its time we allowed you to show off your talent for cocksucking too, Bobby,” she continued in her wicked tone.

I shook my head no but she went on, ignoring my plight.

“Oh yes, you’ve demonstrated quite a talent when you’ve had your lips around my strap-on…I think it’s time we started letting you suck the real thing.”

I wanted to say something in opposition but her boyfriend had started thrusting harder. He was gripping my stinging cheeks with both his hands as he rammed his cock into me repeatedly. With hard, punishing thrusts, he hammered me from behind, slamming my body and making me dizzy from his efforts.

And then, unexpectedly, he stopped.

Clutching my stinging buns hard enough to make me cry out, he suddenly lunged forward and forcefully stuffed his battering ram all the way in, roaring as he came with boisterous gusto. I felt a warm infusion of creamy goo filling my back passage as he exploded in a tortuously long orgasm. Holding me in place, I felt his engorged cock convulsing as he forced me to take his seed, emptying the contents of his big balls within my rectum.

Being pinned down and unable to move, I heard him gasping for air behind me as he slowly began to recover from his incredible climax. At the same time, my poor, aching hole was sore from being stretched so far and for so long. Quietly, I wept with shame.

“Julie,” he finally said between draughts of breath, “Get me a buttplug.”

Julie winked at him and disappeared down the hall returning with my pink rubber plug and a wide smile on her face. Oh No…

Slowly easing his flaccid member out of my hole, Heather’s boyfriend quickly replaced it with the thick synthetic buttplug, forcing my anus to remain stretched open, as well as trapping his ejaculation of creamy semen inside me.

“That’ll help serve as a reminder to you,” he informed me as he slapped my red bottom.

I winced and sniffled as Heather came up behind me and began pulling the sides of my diapers up. Bending over me, she held the ends together and secured the safety pins, sealing me back once again in my infantile prison.

“No…please,” I begged her, but she only smiled down at me with that superior look of hers.

“You’ve had a quite a night, Bobby. And now its time for your beddie-bye,” she said as she retrieved my plastic panties. They must have come off while I was being spanked and she held them open for me patiently, while I inserted one foot after another into the leg holes. Slowly, teasingly, she pulled them up my smooth, shaved legs, drawing out the humiliating ordeal to further demonstrate her dominance and superiority over me. My face was beet red and I kept my eyes downcast but I could feel the stares of the other two as they watched me being dressed like a helpless baby for his bed.

I watched her long, finely manicured fingernails as she circled them around my waistband, working the shiny waterproof panties over the bulky cloth diapers pinned around my hips. After ensuring that the panties completely covered my diapers, she let them go with a snap of the elastic. I was still looking down when she put her slender finger under my chin and raised it, forcing me to look into her dark, beautiful eyes.

Without saying a word, her smile said everything between us. I would forever be her little baby, to be treated as she saw fit. My lot was to be obedient, compliant and submissive, to do without orgasms while at the same time, be prepared to service her boyfriends whenever and however she deemed was necessary.

Leaning down, she kissed me tenderly on the lips and hugged me.

“Nighty-night, Sissykins,” she said sweetly.

I felt her big, soft breasts mashing against my upper chest and I yearned desperately to be able to touch them, if only just once.

“Nighty-night, Mommy,” I replied meekly, the defeat plain in my voice.

As she released me from her embrace, Julie took my hand and led me out of the room, patting me gently on my diapered bottom.

“There, there, Baby,” she consoled me, “Its off to beddie-bye now so your mommy can enjoy her date. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get to snuggle with your favorite teddy bear tonight.”

I cried softly as we entered my softly lit nursery. Julie lowered the side to my crib and she gently pushed my pink pacifier between my quivering lips.

“Awww, Sweetie,” she said soothingly, “Its not so bad. At least now you’ll be getting sex again…it just won’t be with a woman.”

She giggled as she tucked me in, handing me my teddy bear and bringing the baby blankets up around my chin.

I heard the front door close as Heather and her boyfriend left the house, putting the final closure on my humiliating night.

“Nighty-night, Sissy,” Julie said as she waved goodbye to me from the threshold of the nursery.

I sucked on my pacifier without thinking, wondering how soon it would be before I was required to suck one of Heather’s boyfriends off. I drifted off to sleep with visions of big cocks stuffed in my mouth as I struggled to swallow load after load.




A Sissy Gets More than he bargains For

A Sissy Gets More Than He Bargains For


I was watching tv in the living room when I heard the doorbell ring.

"That's probably Alyssa,'' my mom said as she got up to answer it.

Alyssa was a senior at my high school that was totally hot. Besides the fact that she was drop dead gorgeous, she also had a body to die for. She had been a friend of my mom's for several years and I had watched her grow from a cute sophomore, to a knockout in her senior year. She had developed early and it seemed to me that she was always having a problem keeping her big bust within the confines of her one size-too-small tops. I couldn't help staring at her whenever I passed her in the hall at school, savoring glaces at her bountiful profile.

Unfortunately, she couldn't care less about me, a geeky boy in the 10th grade that wasn't anywhere near her league.

Opening the door, my mom stood aside to let Alyssa in.

As usual, she looked amazing, wearing snug jeans and high heels but what caught my eye was the striped t-shirt that looked like it had been spray painted over her fabulous boobs. My eyes just about popped out as I drank in the sight. Man, they were big! I figured 38DD at the very least, possibly bigger. Boy, what I would give to look at one of her bras, I thought. And she carried herself with such confidence, that she always stood tall, thrusting her bosom out proudly which only made them more prominent and harder to ignore.

"Hello Alyssa!'' my mom exclaimed.

"Hello Jean,'' she replied, revealing her beautiful smile as she did.

Alyssa was the only young person that my mom let call her by her first name and I think it was because even she was proud to have this babe as her friend.

I sat up from the floor, my heart stopping as I feasted my eyes on her fantastic curves.

"Hi Alyssa!'' I said with a racing pulse.

"Hey,'' she with the absolute minimum amount of courtesy required. I doubted she even knew my name.

"Ready to go?'' she asked my mom.

"Sure, let me just grab my keys,'' she answered as she took a set off one of the hooks along the wall.

"Tommy, we're going to the movies, I'll be home late tonight,'' she told me, ''don't forget your homework.''

"Uh-huh,'' I said, still staring at Allysa who was totally oblivious of me.

As they headed out the door, my mom said goodbye to me.

"Bye Alyssa!'' I called out, but she ignored me and strode out, her high heels clicking on the tile floor.

As soon as the door closed, I walked over to the window to sneek one last look at the object of my fantasies. As she bent over to get into my mom's car, I noticed the line of cleavage from the plunging scoop neck of her top as her heavy breasts shifted.

As they drove off, I sighed from sexual frustration. Going down the hall, I went into my bedroom and opened up the closet. Next to my shirts and pants hanging up, were numerous cardboard boxes. I selected the one on the bottom and pulled it out. Opening it up, I pulled out my secret stash of dirty magazines. I flipped through the pages of one that had a picture of a model that reminded me of Allysa and I slowly stroked myself as I fantasized about her.

After making myself even more aroused, I put the magazine aside and got out my most secret of items, a thick cloth diaper and baby pants. In an excited frenzy, I tore off my clothes and sat down on the white rectangle of bunny soft cotton, shaking baby powder over my little erect penis before pulling up the ends. I closed my eyes as I felt the soft, warm cloth envelope me, caressing my loins tenderly. Taking a pair of diaper pins, I poked them through the corners and snicked them closed. Remembering that Alyssa had been here in our house only minutes ago, I imagined her bending over, putting me into my diapers and I blushed at the thought of it.

With careful consideration, I chose a pair of soft pink plastic pants to go over the diaper and I shoved my feet through the leg openings, yanking it up my skinny thighs to cover the fat, bulging diaper.

My stiff pee-wee strained against its babyish prison and I stroked it deliriously over the plastic panties.

Looking into the box, I took out a short baby dress and pulled it over my head. I loved it because of the shiny pink material and the hem that went just past the waistband of my plastic pants, leaving my diapers fully exposed.

Hastily, I put on the other elements of my ensemble. White knee socks, black mary jane type shoes, and a couple of pink lacey bows to put my medium length hair into pigtails. Looking down at my babyish appearance, I rubbed the front of my diaper madly, my head swimming from arousal. Holding myself back from the brink of a shuddering orgasm, I stood up and headed for my mom's room. Once there, I stood before her full length mirror and revelled in my reflection. I looked convincingly like a baby girl and I pranced around, enjoying the look of my shiny round bottom, encased in my thick diapers and plastic panties.

My mom had a feminine room, and it made me want to be more feminine. On impulse, I sat down at her vanity and picked out some pink blusher. Taking the little brush in its case, I applied some to my cheeks, giving myself a girlish appearance. Next, I took some pink lipstick and applied several coats to my full lips. When I finished, I smacked them the way I had seen girls do it in my school.

Looking back in the mirror, I couldn't believe the transformation. I was staring at what had to be the biggest sissy in the world. The thought compelled me to stroke the front of my diapers feverishly, drunk with sexual excitement.

I stood up and walked out, going into the living room, confident in the knowledge that my mom wouldn't be back for hours.

I loved the feel of the plastic panties against my skin as the bulk of my diapers caused them to slide sensuously between my thighs. I skipped over to the back door and opened it wide, knowing that no one would be able to see me because of the high wooden fence that surrounded our yard. Filled with excitement and sexual energy, I skipped outside and giggled at the risk I was taking. It felt wonderfully free, that I could be outside, dressed as a sissy baby in diapers and a dress and be able to get away with it.

After several minutes of unfettered abandon, I went back inside, going by the front door and I noticed the keys for my mom's BMW were still sitting on its hook. That's odd, I thought. Why would she have taken the older Toyota tonight?

For a second, I forgot what I was wearing and considered the possibilities. I had always had a passion for my mom's BMW but she'd never let me drive it--she always said I was too immature for it which I resented bitterly. I was strongly tempted to grab the keys and take the little hotrod out for a spin. After all, she wouldn't be back for hours and I'd be back long before then.

Feeling naughty in my sissyish outfit, a plan began to form. What if I went out and drove the car as I was dressed? Since it was night out, it didn't seem likely that anyone would be able to get that good a look at me, but the idea of being in public dressed lke a baby thrilled me to the core.

Impulsively, I snatched the keys and grabbed my wallet which had my driver's license that was only a month old.

The distance from the front door to the side door of the garage was only three feet but I looked around carefully before dashing outside and into where the Beemer was kept.

I still couldn't undestand why she hadn't taken this car, I thought, as I gazed in admiration at the immaculate silver paint. Oh well, no matter. Now, it would be my opportunity for some real excitement.

As I sat down behind the wheel, I had to get used to the feel of my bulky diapers which took up so much room. As I pulled out of the garage I reflected how odd it felt, driving in diapers and a dress. With my left hand on the wheel, my right went down to stroke the front of my diaper.

As I drove out of my neighborhood, my heart was going a thousand miles an hour. It was so exhilarating to be outside dressed like a sissy baby! This was a rush like I'd never experienced before.

For the next half hour, I drove around town, savoring the experience. A couple times, a car would drive by and honk at me and at one stoplight, a car full of girls made several humiliating comments to me. I just smiled and waved back like a well behaved sissy should. It was when I got on the freeway that disaster struck.

I was driving along for about fifteen minutes when suddenly my rear view mirror was filled with the flashing lights of a police car. My jaw dropped and I gasped in terror. How was I going to explain myself out of this one?

Shaking with fear, I slowed the car down and brought it over to the side of the highway. If it hadn't been for the thick bulk of my diapers between my legs, my knees would've been knocking from fright. With the cop's lights flashing angrily behind me, my mouth went dry and I quaked nervously. Without realizing it, a trickle of pee escaped into my diaper.

As I waited for the patrolman to come up to the side of the car, I bit my lip nervously trying to think of what I was going to say. With a super bright spotlight, the policeman illuminated my car which made me feel as if I were on stage. I cringed as he got out of his car and walked toward mine, his hand on his gun. In my panic, I let go with another stream of pee into my already damp diaper.

I rolled down the window as he came alongside and shined his flashlight in my face.

"What the hell is this?'' he said waving his hand at my sissy dress and diapers.

"Uhmm...'' I stammered uncertainly.

He looked at me with disgust and I wanted to melt into the seat and disappear.

"You know your tags are expired?'' he said gruffly.

No wonder my mom had taken the other car! Now I understood all too well!

"They are?'' I asked dumbly.

"Yeah they are. Let's see your driver's license and insurance,'' he told me bluntly.

With shaking hands, I fished around for my license but I couldn't find the proof of insurance. I was so embarrassed to be sitting here in my diapers and pink dress getting grilled by this tough cop. I think my face was redder than the blush I was wearing.

"I can't let you drive this vehicle without current tags and insurance,'' he told me curtly.

My lipstick coated lips parted as my jaw dropped open in surprise and anxiety.

"Y-you c-can't?'' I stuttered nervously.

"Nope. I'll have to get a tow truck and you'll have to come down to the station,'' he said flatly.

"Oh no! Please! Isn't there something else I can do?'' I pleaded desperately.

The big cop looked me over strangely and after a brief hesitation, told me to get out of the car. More fearful than ever, I stepped out into the glaring spotlight, painfully conscious that my bare legs and diapers were on display for every car passing by. I tried in vain to tug the hem of my dress down but it was entirely futile. Everyone could clearly see I was a young man wearing thick diapers and a baby's dress. Much of the traffic going by slowed down to get a look at me and they honked their horns and yelled things as they drove by.

The policeman went back to his patrol car and for some reason, turned off the spotlight before returning to the BMW. Instructing me to go to the other side of the car where we were relatively sheltered from view, he pushed me down on my knees and unzipped his pants, revealing a massive hard-on straining within his underwear.

''I might be persuaded to forget this whole situation, Girly-boy,'' he intimated as he thrust his pelvis toward my face.

Instinctively, I understood exactly what he wanted but I still hesitated. I wasn't gay and I had no desire to suck this guy's cock.

Whimpering pathetically, I stalled as I pulled the waistband of his shorts down, exposing the biggest cock I had ever laid eyes on. I looked from the massive head now staring me in the face, up to see him grinning wickedly down at me. With a sob of shame, I licked my lipstick covered lips and opened them wide to take the gargantuan cock into my mouth. It tasted warm and somewhat salty but it filled my mouth completely, stretching my cheeks wide to accomodate him. The cop must have sensed my hesitation because he pushed my head down further, forcing his cock deeper into the back of my throat and choking me. I waved my hands in protest but he held my head firmly as he established a rhythm of his own choosing.

Sliding his hard dick in and out of my mouth, I slobbered helplessly, leaving a pink ring around the base of his cock from my lipstick while he guided my head up and down. Unconciously, my tongue caressed the underside of his shaft and he moaned with pleasure. I felt like I was deep throating a cuccumber, his cock was so large. Everytime it hit the back of my throat, I nearly gagged.

After five minutes of him humping my mouth, my jaw was getting very sore and tired. I assumed that when he was ready to cum, he'd pull it out but I guess I was pretty naivé. I felt his cock tense up in my mouth and he thrust it hard down my throat. Taking a firm hold of my pigtails, he suddenly let out a bellow like a bull and he exploded in orgasm. My eyes shot wide open and I squealed in anguish as he pumped his warm, creamy load into my mouth. I was repelled by the flavor but I was forced to swallow it because after withdrawing his cock somewhat, he thrust it back in, rewarding me with a second load of his sperm. I gagged as my mouth was filled to overflowing.

I squealed again and struggled to free myself, flailing my arms around but the big cop easily held me in place. It seemed that no sooner had I swallowed his cum, then more would shoot into my mouth. With his massive cock filling my mouth, I was forced to swallow again and again, of his nasty cum.

At last, he slid his cock out of my mouth where it glistened with my saliva. I gasped for breath as he held his giant member in front of my face.

"Lick it clean, Sissy-boy,'' he ordered me huskily.

Meekly, I did as I was told, lowering my mouth back over his cock, slurping amd sucking as I cleaned it with my tongue. When he was satisfied and it had finally started to soften, he looked me over as if he had a new idea.

"Turn around,'' he said curtly.

What could he want now? I asked myself frantically.

"Pull the back of your dress up,'' he ordered.

Was he going to do me in the ass now? How could he, after he just came? I wondered.

I assumed he just wanted to get a better look at my diapers but I quickly learned I was wrong again. I felt rough hands pulling the top of my diapers back, exposing my crack to the cool night air.

Suddenly, I felt a stream of hot pee against my bottom as the cop proceeded to use my diaper as a urinal. I gasped in shock and whimpered from the humiliation of it. The steady stream of pee quickly became a pool as my diaper struggled to soak up the volume and I felt his piss splattering against my backside and crack. I sobbed tears of frustration and humiliation as I was forced to hold up the lacey hem of my sissy dress and provide him with a receptacle.

The thick cloth between my legs that normally gave me a babyish waddle now was becoming saturated with warm wetness. I cringed but remained in place out of submissiveness. I had always been lacking in bravery and tonight was no exception.

After the first strong surge, which must've lasted for a minute, his flow paused but then he continued with yet more pee. I stomped my feet and pouted, whimpering plaintively with impatience. My diaper was growing heavy from the accumulated pee and it began to sag noticeably. Between my legs I could feel the growing warmth as the wetness seeped forward and surrounded my crotch. I felt so violated to have HIS pee soaking into my diaper that l sobbed with shame.

At last, his stream tapered off to a trickle. He released his hold on the waistband of my plastic panties and they snapped against my back. As a last humiliating gesture, he slapped the thick seat of my diapers which gave off a dull thud. By now, they were soaking wet and I cringed as his pee embraced me all around.

With tears of shame in my eyes, I waddled back to the driver's seat, trying to keep the wet cloth from touching my skin. My efforts were pointless, however, since as soon as I sat down in the car, the sopping wet diaper was mashed against my skin. In fact, it was so wet, I feared that l'd leak onto the fabric of the driver's seat. Oh well, l'd worry about that when I got home.

The cop drove off from behind me and I pulled out from the shoulder of the highway to get back into traffic. I couldn't wait to get home and take my wet diapers off but l certainly didn't need another run-in with the Law. I made sure l didn't break any speed limits and l made full stops at every stop sign.

The whole way home, I couldn't get the taste of the cop's cum out of my mouth and l blushed everytime I re-lived the experience in my mind. I had never been so humiliated in all my life!

Ten minutes later, I was waddling out of the car and into the front door when I got the second shock of my life. Standing there in the entranceway were my mom and Allysa!

My jaw dropped open and my face turned a bright shade of red. At the same time, in my state of panic, I involuntarily let loose with another stream of pee into my already saturated diaper.

"What in hell is going on here!?'' my mom demanded angrily.

Behind her, Allysa was giggling and shaking her head as she took in my sissy dress, diapers and Mary-Janes.

"I-ah-I...,'' I couldn't think of a single thing to say to explain my appearance.

"What are you doing wearing a dress and diapers like a little baby!?'' she stormed.

I shifted my feet and looked down at the floor hoping it'd swallow me up but alas, it didn't.

"Umm-I-umm...,'' I mumbled.

"And what are you doing driving the BMW?!'' she continued.

"Well, uh, I...''

My mom didn't wait for me to answer. Instead, she snatched the keys out of my hand and then grabbed my wrist roughly, yanking me along behind her like I was still four years old.

"Young man, you are in SO much trouble!'' she snapped at me as she led me into the living room. She paused only long enough to retrieve the wooden paddle hanging on the wall before seating herself on an armless chair in the center of the room.

My mouth went dry and I peed a bit more into my diapers. By now, l had to hold them up by the waistband with my only free hand due to the weight of the pee saturated cloth.

When my mom sat down, she looked closely at my diaper for the first time and discovered just how wet I was.

Glaring alternately from my diapers to my face, she shook her head in anger.

"lt's not bad enough you have to dress like a baby girl--you had to wet your diapers too?''

I bit my lip in silence and shame as I turned from her to the heavenly Allysa who just shook her head in disgust.

My mom said the next sentence very slowly and deliberately.

"Tommy, I am going to blister your bottom and then you've got a lot of explaining to do,'' she said angrily.

I whimpered in fear as she began peeling my clinging plastic panties off--I had been spanked numerous times with this paddle and everytime, I had cried like a baby. Now, tears of shame trickled down my face as I watched Allysa cross her arms across her bountiful chest and make herself comfortable. I could only imagine what she must be thinking of me now and my face burned with humiliation.

My mom jerked me over her lap and I looked up to see Allysa smiling down at me, a look of smug satisfaction on her face. I felt a chill breeze on my rump as my mom peeled the pee soaked cloth back, exposing my damp cheeks to the air. First one pin, then the other, as she unpinned my diaper and pushed it down between my legs.

"Allysa, you're about to see how sissy boys get punished in this house,'' my mom informed her as she held the paddle poised over my defenseless bottom, ''and this one's just a big crybaby.''

"I always figured as much,'' she replied as she sat down and casually crossed her legs, dangling her high heels a few feet in front of my face.

The paddle swooped down and landed in the center of my cheeks with ferocity, producing a loud crisp 'SMACKKKK!!' that filled the air. I cried out and kicked wildly, immediately bursting into tears. Again and again, my mom swatted my fanny, quickly turning my pale white bottom, a bright shade of cherry red. Tears coursed down my face as I bawled pitifully. I kicked my feet helplessly but they were tangled in my damp plastic panties. The dampness of my bottom only intensified the impact of the paddle as each searing swat made me gasp for breath.

My mom made quite sure that every square inch of my bottom was turned a deep shade of red before returning her attention to the tender center. Then she'd change tactics and swat first one cheek, then the other. I sobbed and beat my fists on the floor, helpless before her avenging assault.

"This-is-for-being-such-a-sissy!" she said, punctuating each word with a stinging slap of the paddle.

At last, she finally stopped spanking me but I was completely defeated. I lay over her lap crying like a baby as she pulled my wet diaper back up and pinned it tightly in place. It was repelling to have the now cool and clammy cloth snug against my skin but it did help to somewhat alleviate the stinging fire that was blazing on my fanny.

I struggled weakly to get up as l rubbed the wet tears off my flushed face. I couldn't bear to look at Allysa but I could feel her eyes burning into me.

Adding to my humiliation, my mom snaked my dripping plastic panties up my legs and then up and over my pee stained diapers.

"So, you like dressing like baby do you?'' my mom asked, still angry with me.

"No!'' I cried between sobs as I shook my head.

My mom grasped my chin firmly in her hand and raised it to look directly into her eyes.

"I suppose someone came in here and forced you into a little girl's dress and diapers, hm?" she said dubiously.

I shook my head sorrowfully but I couldn't return my mom's stern gaze.

"Well then. Why don't we just see what else you've got stashed away in your room?'' she replied curtly.

Oh no! ln my haste and excitement earlier, I had neglected to hide my baby stuff, so confident was I that I would be back before my mom returned.

Standing up, my mom pulled me along behind her like a child as she marched me down the hall to my room. The elastic leg holes of my plastic panties rubbed against the backs of my thighs painfully where the paddle had left its stinging impression.

When we reached my bedroom, I discovered, much to my dismay, my other diaper supplies were still laying out in plain view, a couple pairs of plastic panties, baby powder, and my other diaper, not to mention the box that was lying open on the floor.

"Well, well, well,'' my mom said appraisingly, ''looks we have another change of diapers for mommy's little baby.''

I blushed anew and kept my eyes downcast.

"What else have you been hiding in here?'' she asked as she began rifling through the box. She quickly disovered a pair of frilly rhumba panties and my other dress but she hit the roof when she found my stash of dirty magazines.

''Jimmy! What kind of perversions have you been up to in here!?" she demanded in a rage.

"No-nothing. H-honest,'' I stammered, still sniffling from my painful spanking.

"That does it!'' she snapped as she held up my Score magazine, ''you've just earned yourself another trip over my knee!''

My knees grew weak as she took a seat on the side of my bed and reached over for the paddle. This time, she didn't even bother to pull my panties down--instead, she yanked my diapers down to my knees with the panties still covering them. This exposed my bare crotch to Allysa's gaze who promptly broke out in a fit of giggles when she saw how truly tiny my penis was. My face reddened and I immediately covered my privates with my hands. Wasting no time, my mom easily pulled me over her lap and with my hands in front of my crotch, l toppled over, my bright red bottom facing up and ready to be spanked again.

"Here's your porno magazine Tommy,'' my mom said as she tossed my issue of Score down on the floor in front of my face, ''enjoy yourself all you want.''

No sooner had my eyes focused on the busty blonde on the cover of the magazine when the paddle slapped my bottom with a fiery impact. I burst into fresh tears and bucked wildly, trying to escape my mom's implacable arm but she gripped me firmly by the back of my dress and smacked away.

My bottom, already suffering from the previous spanking, felt as if red hot coals were being held against it. The paddle felt like a heated skillet everytime it made its searing impression on my fanny. Looking up at Allysa, I couldn't see her clearly through my tears but I could tell she was nodding her head in agreement. Obviously, she felt this was an appropriate punishment for a young man who liked to wear diapers and dress like a little girl.

As my mom continued to slap my blazing bottom with the paddle, I cried like like the baby I was dressed up as. I kicked my Mary Jane-clad feet and pounded my hands on the floor but my mom never missed a beat.

After what seemed an eternity, she stopped and dumped me on the floor. I howled in pain and made sure my bottom didn't touch anything.

"Take that wet diaper off,'' she ordered me.

Sobbing out of control, I hastened to comply. By now, my bottom was so much on fire that I no longer cared whether Allysa saw my tiny pee-wee or not. It was not much bigger than my pinky finger and it kind of jiggled pathetically as I struggled out of my wet diapers. Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell Allysa was staring at it and I'm sure she was amazed and disgusted at the same time. I knew she'd never again think of me as anything but a big, diaper wetting sissy.

Gathering my remaining diaper from the bed, my mom laid it out and told me to lie down on it. Gingerly, I did as I was told but when my punished bottom touched the cloth, I sobbed loudly. My mom ignored my outburst and began sprinkling my pee-pee with baby powder.

"Since you like to wear diapers so much, looks like we'll have to go out and buy you some more, Tommy,'' she said as she pulled the thick cloth between my legs, ''of course, the money will be coming out of your allowance.''

With a set of pink bunny pins, she pulled the ends of the diaper together tightly and snicked them closed.

"Allysa, would you mind picking out a pair of panties for our pamper princess here?'' she asked nicely.

"Anything to be of help,'' she replied. Digging in the box she pulled out my frilly rhumba panties that were lined inside with a vinyl layer.

"These should keep your bed dry,'' she offered as she gathered the leg openings in her hands and looked me in the eye. Passing them over my feet, she began working them up my skinny legs. I was treated to a fabulous view of her unbelievable cleavage and her big breasts swayed slightly as she snaked the soft panties up to my diaper.

"Lift up Baby,'' she said as she worked them up and over the thick cloth wrapped around me. l blushed in shame as she looked me deeply in the eyes and my true self was revealed to her.

"There you go Baby," she said brightly, "now you're all diapered again and ready for beddie-bye."

Reaching down, she picked up a pacifier from inside the box and popped it into my mouth.

"Don't you look cute!" she said condescendingly.

Nursing meekly on it, I knew my life would never be the same.